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Whatsapp users in India can now book Covid vaccine slots by using the Whatsapp chatbot. For this facility, WhatsApp has partnered with the Ministry of Health and MyGov.

Whatsapp number for Covid vaccine slot booking: +91 9013151515.

WhatsApp users in India can use the chatbot to book covid vaccine slot by simply sending a message ‘Book Slot’ to the WhatsApp number +91 9013151515.

Mygov Corona Helpdesk – 9013151515

How to book vaccine slot on Mygov Corona Helpdesk

Step 1: Send message ‘Book Slot’ to 9013151515

You will get a reply to enter the OTP. Enter the OTP within 3 minutes.

Step 2: If you are registered on the Co-win platform your details will show up. If you are not registered you will be prompted to register at the platform.

After that, you can book a slot using your area Pincode.

Other facilities at Mygov Corona Helpdesk

The following options are available at Mygov Corona Helpdesk

Please choose from the following options:

*1*. What to do if you have symptoms of COVID-19

*2*. Vaccination – Book Appointment, Download Certificate, Centre & FAQ

*3*. Latest Updates & Useful Alerts on COVID-19

*4*. Professional Advice & Ways to Improve Immunity

*5*. Where to Get Help – National & State Level

*6*. MythBusters – Authenticate News

*7*. Together We Can – Success Stories & Positive Harmonies

*8*. Info on Coronavirus, Symptoms and How to Reduce Risk

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