BASIC RULE FOR SUCCESS IN LIFE | Ultimate Advice For Your Career

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This post contains an abstract from a speech of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, who talks about the Basic rule for Success in Life. The post contains word-by-word narration of the speech of Sadhguru.

BASIC RULE FOR SUCCESS IN LIFE | Ultimate Advice For Your Career

There are two ways to approach your life:

One: Either I want to do, what I want to do. But you must understand that what you want to do is just a thought that you generated and it’s even not yours, it’s something that you pick up from around you.

Well there may be certain Aptitude. Well people were asking me, you know some news channel is asking me, Sadhguru why don’t you join politics? Are you standing for elections this time? I said I have no such intention. They ask,  Ok next election are you standing? I said No. They again asked, But Why? I said that’s not my competence. I don’t think I will make a good politician. If I thought, Maybe I would have thought about it. 

So One is Aptitude. Do you have a certain aptitude towards a certain action? So, are you thinking in that direction? Or a whole lot of people today are deciding what to do depending upon what they will get out of it.

What will I get?

Will I get this kind of lifestyle?

Will I get this kind of salary?

Will I make this kind of money and lifestyle?

This is what they are thinking of. This is a wrong way to approach. Because you have everything and you will have nothing in the end with life.

The important thing is this… See if you make yourself, first of all you must do this, you must not be driven by your anxieties, your frustrations, and your concerns. You must take, when this question becomes a serious question in your life. You must take off. Atleast, 3-10 days depending upon who you are, some people may need 3 days somebody needs more time. Let’s say maximum 3-10 days arranged. And, not to be influenced by your peers, so switch off your phones. Not to be influenced by tour professors, Not to be influenced by your parents or the social pressures. Spend sometime with yourself and see.

I’m asking you a simple question. Are you a precious life? Your life, is it precious to you? If its precious to you, what are you going to invest this precious life into, is something that must concern you. You must not do something because someone else is doing it. This is not the way to decide things. You are investing your life.

If this life is precious, you must see what is it, which really matters to you. And you must do that.

It doesn’t matter it pays, It doesn’t pays. But believe me if your heart is not in something really, you will not do your best.

If you don’t do your best how will great things happen to you? See whether its Art, Music, Design, Business, Sports, Spirituality, Politics, It doesn’t matter what is it, if you are not absolutely devoted to what you are doing. You will never do anything significant in your life that’s for 100%, I’m telling you. You may earn a living, but you will not do anything significant if you are not totally devoted to something. See, right now there are many examples because they gave him Bharat Ratna, I’m choosing him. Let’s say Sachin Tendulkar, this man knows nothing except hitting a ball. He gets so devoted to hitting a ball, hitting a ball, hitting a ball and he hits it like nobody. Now he is Bharat Ratna. Yes or No? It is just devotion. You must talk to him and see privately he is like you talk about the ball… He is so devoted to it. It’s his religion, it’s his sacred stuff. It is everything to him. Hitting that ball, his entire life he invests in one simple act hitting a ball, Is it a big thing?

But hitting a ball because of enormous devotion just see what happens. Tremendous things happen, isn’t it?

So the question is not about what you want to do, the question is just this – Can you be devoted to this? Let’s say you think in terms of, if today I invest my life next 25 years, Can I be devoted to what I am doing right now? Will this matter to me? Will I feel fulfilled if I look back and see what I have done something. You do whatever the hell you want, just do it well, that’s important. And don’t do any damn thing that you will ashamed of doing tomorrow.

What other people say it doesn’t matter but you should not be ashamed of what you have done. This much you must keep, this much pride and freedom you must keep in your life. It doesn’t matter the whole world says you are wrong but you are not ashamed of what you have done, that much you must always keep in your life, If that one thing if you give up, I’m telling you, you will live a very poor life. You may have everything, but you will have nothing.

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